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5 Crazy facts about films

facts bout films

It’s a film that has been loved by many for decades. You can find it in every home theater, on your laptop, and even on your phone. It’s the most popular type of media out there – films! But did you know these five crazy facts about them? 

1) The first film ever made was created way back in 1888 by Louis Le Prince! 

It was a film of his family walking down a street in Paris, and it ran for a whopping 50 seconds. Pretty impressive for the time!

As well as being responsible for the first ever film, 1890 Louis Le Prince disappeared never to be seen again.

2) Films are actually just collections of still images displayed rapidly to create the illusion of movement.

This is done by taking 24 or 25 frames of film per second. This is why you’ll sometimes see films refer to their framerate. For example, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was filmed at the framerate of 48 FPS.

3) You may have seen films that were filmed with a green screen instead of a real one.

Yep, it’s true! When you watch a film and see an actor interacting with a green background, they’re not actually there at all – they’re just being placed on the background later in post-production. In fact, entire films can be created on green screen studio!

4) There is no universally agreed upon definition for what constitutes a “feature length” movie.

This means that there is no real answer for this question – it’s just a personal choice. However, the average film length nowadays seems to hover around 90 minutes.

5) The average shot length in movies today is 2 seconds or less long.

This means that in the time it takes you to blink twice, a single scene change has already taken place. Pretty impressive, huh? This means that there is no such thing as a “boring” movie! Even if you took all of the shots out, the average film length would be about 90 minutes.

Extra 6) The longest film ever made was an Indian epic called “The Mahabharata”. On stage it ran for almost 9 hours!

Imagine how long it would take you to watch this – 210 minutes, or 3 hours and 50 minutes. I must admit that even though I’m a die-hard movie fan, I don’t think my eyes would last for nine hours straight…

Movies are a powerful medium that can transport us to other worlds and make up for the things we don’t have in life. But there’s so much more to know about how they work! We’ve covered some of the most interesting, fascinating facts about movies today – from how most of the movies are made to what constitutes a “feature length” movie. Hope these facts made your day and make sure to check my other articles about films!

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