Filmmaker’s opinion about “The Dune” movie

the dunes movie review

Hi, I’m a filmmaker and here is my opinion about “The Dune” movie

I’ve just watched the movie called “The Dune”.

Throughout all these years, since it was published in 1965, this novel has been considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. It’s worldwide known for its originality and creativity. It’s a science fiction book, an analogy to the reality of today times written as a dune adventure story. The plot is so complicated that it needs some time to explain.

There have been some attempts to turn this book into a movie during those 50 years, but none of them were successful. They all failed because the producers tried to put everything from this 800-page novel into a 2 hour long movie and they didn’t even succeed in doing that properly.

The newest attempt called “The Dune” made by director Denis Villeneuve was released not that long ago

This time the producers decided to go all in, they hired a big budget and an impressive set of actors including some Hollywood stars, made a 3 hour movie out of this novel with almost no changes at all. Well, there are always some changes when it comes to movies being adaptated from books but the major events are still there. I think it’s much better when people decide to keep things as close as possible to the source material because viewers get characters they know and understand much better that way. The fact that this particular book is so popular is probably one of those reasons why this time producers wanted everything to be just right on the screen as well as on paper.

The result was actually really great – it’s a very good movie, perhaps even one of the best movies so far this year. It might not be for everyone but there are people out there who will enjoy it very much. There are some long dialogs in the beginning so you’ll need patience to get into it, but soon things start to roll and the adventure begins. All of these stars did an amazing job with their roles. The way they speak sounds very natural and real, that’s probably because director Denis Villeneuve is French Canadian himself and he didn’t want non-English speaking actors to play English characters.

He got some help from legendary Sir Ridley Scott who directed “Blade Runner” movie about 10 years ago, which was also made by some French producers – all French Canadians from the same team. They have been working together for a few years, collaborating on some big movies. Usually these kind of projects were made for French cinema market but they decided to take “The Dune” and turn it into a real blockbuster that will work both in America and Europe. I think their plan is going well so far.

So if you’re interested in watching this 3 hour long masterpiece by Denis Villeneuve, go ahead and find a theater near your home where it’s still playing or wait for the online release soon. You won’t regret it as this movie is worth every minute spent watching it.

In my opinion, “The Dune” is a must watch for every science fiction fan out there

Even if you’re not into this genre but like adventure or action movies. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Having said all that, I’d still give it 8.5 stars out of 10 because I think the book was simply better and more creative than the movie itself. But hey, Hollywood did an amazing job here – hats off to them!

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