Filmmaking Hacks for filmmakers

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Filmmaking hacks can save you a fortune from purchasing costly camera, lenses and filmmaking gear, straightforwardly.

Also I will concede that there are a few things you basically shouldn’t hold back on like lenses.

In any case, there are different adornments that setting aside a minimal expenditure on isn’t really something terrible. Particularly on the off chance that you can duplicate the outcomes with family things currently close by.

Thus, regardless of whether you’re an beginner, an amateur, or simply attempting to set aside all the additional money for that next huge lens or camera buy, this post is for you.

Today we’ll cover 17 incredible filmmaking hacks to save you some cash without loosing quality.

Filmmaking hack 1 – Fake Gimbal

Here is a much less complex filmmaking hack that just requires just one family thing – a belt.

Take the end of your belt where the clasp is and append it as firmly as you can around your camera. Presently with the your camera as the load at the base, hold the highest point of the belt at the top, similar to a swing.

Delicately, gradually and cautiously, you can move around wile holding the highest point of the belt with the camera shooting.

This makes for super, smooth consistent cam movements without all the cost.

Simply be extra mindful so as not to go sluggish and don’t dump your camera all the while!

Also, put some extra weight on your camera. You can thank me later.

Filmmaking hack 2 – Towel Slider

The following filmmaking hack is awesome for any sliding shots that you might want to catch at work area tallness. All you really want here is either a piece of cardboard or a kitchen towel.

With your camera laying on the cardboard or the towel, snatch the opposite finish of the towel or cardboard and basically drag it gradually across the work area or ledge.

Zero in on making the development uniform, slow, and consistent.

Genius tip: with these shots, since you camera will be moving without you having the option to transform it’s settings, you’ll have to ensure that you’re not losing sharp spotlight regarding your matter all the while.

On the off chance that you don’t have self-adjust on your camera, the following are two methods for guaranteeing that you can remain on track while moving.

Choice 1 – stop down on your opening setting. This implies utilizing a higher f-stop (about f/8 or higher). This will guarantee that there is a bigger scope of items inside your field of concentration.

Choice 2 – ensure that you are moving along a similar plane as your subject. Assuming your subject is two feet away, ensure that as you move you keep that identical separation consistently.

Filmmaking hack 3 – DIY Diffuser for lights

The entanglement of numerous DIY filmmaking lights is the absence of diffusion. For delightful filmmaking, you really want unlimited authority over your light sources. A piece of this control comes from having the option to diffuse or relax cruel light.

For a modest family thing to use for diffusion, a $4 white shower drape does something amazing. Here’s modest, however strong cinch to get the shower shade before your light.

Assuming you’re searching for a light source, you can utilize family LED lights, an open PC, or on the other hand on the off chance that you are searching for something a smidgen more flexible yet reasonable, look at the Neewer Dimmable LED lights over on amazon.

Filmmaking hack 4 – Get those lens flares anytime!

For some additional style, you can utilize a little handheld spotlight or even the light on your iPhone to make one of a kind focal point flares in your shots.

Use the light source to focus the light at different points, near your focal point for this novel, film-like impact. Mess with the points and distance of the light until you accomplish the ideal impact.

Filmmaking hack 5 – DIY Sound Panels

With regards to catching incredible sound, you need to dispose of however much reverberation as could reasonably be expected. A standard room can sound beginner assuming there is an excessive amount of normal reverberation, even with a great mic.

To kill this issue, just wrap however many moving covers as you can around the room. In the event that you don’t have moving covers, common covers will function too.

Without permitting them to show in the shot (clearly), basically hang or wrap them as intently as conceivable around your sound source utilizing seats or other furnishings. Here are a few modest, however solid braces to assist you with hanging them.


That summarises our rundown of “do it without anyone else’s help” filmmaking hacks. I trust you’ve found a couple of these things accommodating. Tell me in the comments beneath assuming you have an incredible filmmaking hacks that I missed.

Blissful Shooting!

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