Freedom for humanity

freedom field blue sky storm

My greatest value is freedom. I am worried every day about the terrible situation that is happening in Ukraine. I am terrified of innocent civilians being killed by bullets and tanks. What the whole world sees is cruel and inhumane.
I wholeheartedly go for the freedom of the Ukrainian people. These people have been suffering for a long time.
The brutal and corrupt engine of the government led the country to an avoidable military situation. I believe this storm will pass and the sunlight will shine through the dark clouds. War is happening all around the world. It must stop.

I am sending a bag of clothes, money through the funds to the refugees from Ukraine and, if necessary, I will accept Ukrainian people to live in my place until it is all over.

Freedom for Ukraine and the world!

Try to be objective and neutral. Try to evaluate all the information from such an angle that you understand the reasons and do not blame the situation hostage. This is very important.
Try not to offend anyone, even if your views do not agree categorically.
No time to fight each other and get angry.

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