I tried CIA Gateway experience

CIA gateway experience

I have been doing Hemi-Sync gateway experience meditations for a couple of months now…

Since I was able to speak and think consciously, I was always interested in things that we don’t see in everyday life. Things that are unnatural (or are they?) for normal everyday life. I just felt that dreams, spirits and magic have the possibility to exist in present times. Even words can be spelled because we spell it (not a science degree researcher claim, just trying to be funny). So, after years of living I found this project called “Gateway experience” by Monroe institute. This audio technology is called “Hemi-Sync”

What is Hemi-Sync?

Wikipedia writes “ Hemi-Sync is a trademarked brand name for a patented process[1][2][3] used to create audio patterns containing binaural beats, which are commercialized in the form of audio CDs. Interstate Industries Inc., created by Hemi-Sync founder Robert Monroe, is the owner of the Hemi-Sync technology.”

What happened? 

In Advanced focus 10 I was asked to make a conscious question to get an answer from the subconscious divine realm. I’m not kidding, this type of meditation is something different than what I used to do before. My honest question was “What should I do in my life?” as I was feeling that there are a lot of things going on in my life and I am starting to lose grip with the things that are most important to me.

So, while laying in the bed and listening to Hemi-Sync I left like my body was sleeping but my mind was awake and working perfectly. At this moment I was focusing on the question I sent to the subconscious world. You know, everything looks kinda dark when you are closed your eyes and try to see something. Just strange visuals go through your vision. But in couple of moments I clearly, fucking claerly I seen a tiger. It appeared from nowhere and he just stepped down and sat near me, like he was on some kind of rock or table.

This vision was fast but clear.

The tiger sat in front of me and disappeared in couple of seconds. I finished listening to Hemi-Sync and got back to my physical body, fresh but confused. 

The vision confused me

What does it mean? Why did I see it? I was asking questions in my head to understand. First what I thought was – “I should be more like a tiger”

I started to google simple things like “Tiger mentality”, “Spiritual meaning of tiger”, “Tiger meaning in a dream”, “How be like tiger” and so on.

Simply, tiger meaning in a dream stands for – attributes towards courage, strength, boldness, and royalty. The animal is powerful, large in size, yet skillful and agile.  When these mighty cats make a sneak peek in your subconscious, it definitely carries a significant message. Sometimes the message can be threatening and destructive but mostly tigers in dreams mean strong emotion, wisdom, resilience, and strength to fight difficulties in life. Tiger is even stronger than lion.

When you see a tiger in dreams it means:

  • It’s time to realize your inherent powers and strength
  • Speak up for yourself let your presence felt in the world
  • Shed off the archaic and primitive ways of thinking and behaving
  • Challenge yourself to infinite boundaries and remove difficulties that are trying to stalk you.
  • Accept and release your negative emotions and walk on a path of healing and rejuvenation.
  • Do not sit back and act upon your goals to accomplish them successfully.
  • A tiger’s eye indicates keen observation. It reminds you to trust your intuitions and judge things accordingly.
  • The wild nature of this fearless animal reminds you to look into your unconscious instincts, hidden desires, and male and female sexual urges that are repressed and demands an immediate catharsis.
  • A tiger in dreams reminds you to stay calm and poised. You need to control your anger and rage and show it only when needed.
  • Sometimes, a tiger relaxes under the tree in the forest and enjoys its solitude. It is a sign of pause. The tiger in dreams tells you to take a pause, hold on for the time being and wait for the arrival of a right opportunity to act and deliver.

It’s possible to think that Gateway experience and dreams itself are very similar to each other, but in gateway experience you are much more conscious of yourself and your toughts.

Taking all these basic spiritual tiger meanings in consideration I was a little bit shocked to find out that it feels familiar to me. I found out that I really started to lack most of these tiger strengths.

Yes, to get a message from your subconscious mind is something that not everyone could relate to

Some people believe it, some – not. What I learned after years in this reality is that you should not be naive. So after researching all of the meanings of the tiger I was always making sure that maybe this is nonsense – “Maybe it was just a random vizual in your head which you have everyday”. But something doesn’t feel right. I just knew that the tiger has something more that is related to me. And then I found out a really interesting fact about me.

After googling different search terms about tigers I decided to find out what year the animal was when I was born. Apparently – Years of the Tiger included in the Chinese calendar are:  2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938. I was born on July 8th, 1998. That’s mind boggling. Besides the fact that I was born in the year of a tiger – the next year is tiger’s year of the tiger too! Let that sink in.

I started to feel more confident about myself after these subconscious messages

Something shifted inside me after that vision. I felt encouragement inside me and somehow knew that fortune is waiting for me in the future. I also changed my phone wallpaper to a tiger photo to see it every day.  Because why not.

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