How to Make Awesome Videos for Personal Brand

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How to Make Awesome Videos for Personal Brand

Many people are now creating videos for their personal brand. However, many of these videos are not that great. Creating an awesome video is easier than you think! Here is a list of 3 things to keep in mind when making your next video:

1) Keep your content short and concise

To keep your content short and concise, aim for a video around 30 seconds to one minute. This will keep your viewers more engaged and willing to watch the rest of your video. Make sure to grab peoples attention in the first few seconds of your video. You can do this by showing a really cool stat or some interesting information about the subject you are talking about in your video.

2) Use high quality equipment

If you are planning to make a video for your personal brand it is important to use high quality equipment. If you don’t, your video will not be as great or shareable. You can find affordable professional grade camera equipment online or at the nearest electronics store. Some mobile phones have great camera quality to record your videos. Make sure to use this if you don’t have any other camera equipment available!

3) Be mindful of lighting

Lighting can make or break your video. You want to make sure that the lighting is not too bright, but also not too dark. Use light hues to help create an ambiance and avoid unusual shadows. Consider placing a lamp, phone, or flashlight on one side of the subject to give them some extra illumination. This will create a shadow on the opposite side of the subject which will make video look more dynamic.

So there are some tips to make awesome videos for your personal brand!

To recap: keep the video content short and concise, use high quality equipment, and be mindful of lighting. Now get out there and start recording some awesome videos!

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