New Artwork ‘Come in the form of milk’ – Kaunas2022


Artist, curator and external lecturer Karin Pisarikova presents her latest artwork “Come in the form of milk” in “Modernism for the future MoFu 360/365” project. “The idea of the project called “Come in the form of milk” is to reinterpret the memorial to the victims of Nazism at the Ninth Fort in Kaunas in a visual language, with emotional rather than logical associations.” The exhibition is presented in the Kaunas Central Post Office, which symbolises the contradictory positions of modernism in contemporary society.

About the project

“Events that happened at the 9th fort are so cruel that no amount of metaphor is able to describe it. It is humbling for my generation, that went through no adversities in comparison, therefore I feel a strong sense of gratitude for being here and living in peace and freedom. That is thanks to people who fought till the end without giving up, and those overcoming unimaginable and building a life in spite of it. Working with the memorial monument and the fort itself, I focused partly on the symbols already used in the monument and also created my own. The main idea I wanted to convey was of human resilience and hope at the end of the tunnel. Showing the juxtaposition of vulnerable human bodies against the brutalist concrete architecture, seeing children as a gift and promise of a new future. Coming out alive.”

Objects being interpreted

9th Fort Memorial Complex


Karin Pisarikova – Director

Rimvydas Ardickas – Cinematographer (director of photography) and editor

Cast: Martin, Tora, Leo, Taigo, Arne

Music – Salvia

Partners: Kaunas2022, Creative Europe, Mofu Kaunas2022, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Kaunas district, European Union, Cultural Strategy institute, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Kaunas IX fort museum, AUTC, Central State Archive of Lithuania, Industra, Leie Dal, Kaunas Auga

Special thanks to D. Šaudys for camera assisting on set

Learn more about “Modernism for the future MoFu 360/365″ project here.

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