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Generative NFT’s and video for brands

nft creator

I have been researching NFTs since the beginning of crypto. I have seen how crypto has evolved over the years and helped further its development in many ways.

One of my passions is to help further blockchain adoption by mainstream users through art, creating assets that are accessible to anyone who understands the concepts behind it. This leads me well into working with NFTs as they are already creating a bridge from the blockchain world to the physical realm, bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds.

Art for me is not just a form of expression but also a means for learning. I often find myself with different thoughts about subjects, events, people etc. and try expressing them through art in hope that it will help me understand these concepts better.

I have been thinking a lot about the current state of NFTs and how they can be expanded upon for the benefit of everyone in the ecosystem, from creators to curators to users. For a while now I have had a strong opinion on how NFTs should evolve through the empowerment of users, especially those who help curate NFTs and lead the community from a place of authenticity.

Technologies don’t wait

In order to do this I think that there needs to be a nurturing phase for the current generation of crypto artists who are still learning how to build their own business around what they do best. In doing so we can better understand the value of NFTs and how we can empower each other.

By helping more people understand what it takes to build a business around an open source economy, we provide a stronger foundation for everyone; more importantly we create better opportunities for those who lack resources.

I think that as creators, curators and users alike, by working together we can empower each other through transparency and open collaboration. This will ensure strong business models around crypto-art while also incentivizing the community to build long lasting positive user experiences with NFTs.

I want to work on creating new layers for existing branding structures, letting creators use their creativity in order to build new value propositions for both brands and users. I want to help establish the value of NFTs by creating clear business models for brands and users, helping them understand how they can make use of blockchain technology in their own ways.

I recently uploaded free NFT to my Pexels account here!

This is why I have decided to start an open collaboration series called “I will make nft art videos for brands”

The idea behind this is simple: I will create a new NFT every week for a brand that fits into one of these three categories:

1. Brands that have a physical presence outside the blockchain world, meaning that they have a website and/or physical store/shopfronts where you can purchase their products from.

2. Brands whose content is available online on some platform, such as Youtube or Twitch; or those who have a strong or medium social media following where you can interact with their existing community.

3. Brands that are blockchain related and make use of NFTs to empower their users (examples: Cryptokitties, Decentraland, OpenSea).

So if you are a brand that falls into one of these categories, send me an email at rimvydasardickas at gmail.com, DM me on Instagram @rim.ardi

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