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Website: Saulius Video

I am currently filming commercials, events and weddings. I loved filming from my first camera called a soap dish, which had the function of recording an video. Filming then became my favourite hobby, which became my favourite job after many years.

I am happy about my work, because thanks to it I have the opportunity to get acquainted with very interesting people, their activities, products and services. See with your own eyes how beauty operations are performed, the whole production process, or getting on stage when my favourite artist sings.

I went through all the screenings for the position of the operator of the feature film Center Line and guessed the filming of the pilot series. However, due to global events, this project is currently on hold.

When prospective newlyweds respond that this date is reserved, I increasingly hear a request for what you can recommend to work in your style. That’s the biggest compliment to me.

Interesting projects where the whole team works, then we can learn something new from each other, broaden our horizons. Although I rarely like to work and alone I have a challenge that I have to overcome alone so that the result satisfies everyone.

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