Things great video needs – Simplicity

simple tips for making videos

I’ve personally seen a video that was full of technical jargon and complicated details. It’s hard to understand what’s going on and the video becomes unbearable to watch.

A viewer wants to understand what’s going on. Think about it, would you watch a video that’s full of technical jargon that doesn’t make sense?

Keep the jargon for internal use with your team or use it sparingly when needed for explanation or additional information. And if your viewer can’t understand something, break it down to them so they can see the bigger picture.

Sharing all the technical informations not always makes you sound impressive.

It’s rare that someone would watch a video where they don’t understand what’s going on. Instead of using jargon, break down the information for the viewer so they can understand it.

Keep things simple. The simpler you can make the content of your videos, the more fun and easier they will be for people to understand which in turn makes them much more shareable.

memes are simple and can be used as idea for video

The internet is a great place for sharing memes. You can share memes with people who understand your language. But there are most popular when people don’t understand the language, because then they know they’re funny without understanding what it says.

If you want to share your video with people who don’t understand your language, then you should keep things very simple.

Most popular social videos are not complicated or technical. They are easy enough for everyone to understand and fun enough to make them want to share it with other people too. People love entertainment. Creating content that entertains is important..

Many people don’t like complicated things; they want something both entertaining and easy to understand. Focus on simplifying your message so that everyone understands it, whether they work for your company or not. If you can simplify your videos so that they are impactful, you’ll find that they get shared more often. You doesn’t have to make your business into a meme, just keep it simple.

Keep in mind that you don’t always need to explain everything to your viewer and it’s ok to use simpler words. People like to listen to simple explanations and it helps them process the information better. If you can’t explain an idea or concept to a 5th grader, then maybe the video is too complicated. It’s often hard to remove jargon and complicated technical details, but it can help you when you do.

Generally I would recommend that you try to shorten your videos to 30-60 seconds. It’s great because it caters to modern audiences who have shorter attention spans. People’s attention spans are shorter now, so if you can make your video short, it’ll be more likely to capture their attention.

Hope you liked my opinion about simplicity in great video. See you on next article “Things great video needs – Customer is the hero!

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