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Video production in Nice, France

video production company in nice france

I love traveling and living in new places. I owe my career to that because it allowed me to work as a video producer in Nice, France. It’s always exciting when you begin a new adventure like this one, but it can also be daunting at the same time. The first few weeks were spent getting acquainted with my new life abroad and figuring out where is best to find groceries, cafes, restaurants etcetera. I also needed a place to live and a way of getting around. I would advise to work out the basics first, like where you will live and how you are going to get around. Then begin working on your career goals.

Video production here in Nice has been very different from what I’m used to in Lithuania.

There are some cultural differences but also a language barrier when it comes to dealing with the French production companies and service providers here. However, this is part of traveling abroad! You need to be open-minded about trying something new while still being true to yourself and your goals at the same time.

The main difference here for me was that French people seem to be more relaxed than people in Lithuania. But it makes sense, you live in French Riviera. Everyone is here to relax and have a good time, not be stressed out. I think this mentality really influenced the video production industry in Nice too. French people are very creative but seem less driven than Lithuanians when it comes to starting their own business or making something of themselves professionally speaking.

What’s great about living in France and doing video production

For me is that the language barrier is not an issue when it comes to speaking with the locals. I can easily chat in French and they are happy to speak English too, which makes everything so much easier! Also, I love the food here! The quality is so much better than what you see in supermarkets back home. You really can’t beat French cuisine when it comes to fresh produce either.

I did here commercial video production for Foxelli outdoor gear. We made product video in nearby mountains. Also I was invited to shoot short film called “Perfectly numb”. I would like to mention that it is always better to do video production job with experienced video producer rather than outsourcing by yourself. Outsourcing can be very expensive and also will take more time for your business thus making you less money on the long run! However, if you don’t feel confident enough to do your video production by yourself, you can always outsource it. But make sure that you check their previous work before hiring them!

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