What are visual components of video and photo?

visual components of photo

Space, line, tone, shape, color, movement and rhythm is the basic visual components.

You can find these components in every still or moving picture around you. Locations, costumes, actors, props are made of these visual components. With these components you can create moods, emotions, ideas, and most importantly, you are creating a great image.These components are used in television, internet, movies. You must use these basically for every image you create.

How to create visual components?

First, we must understand every visual component to create it. As it is said “You must know the rules to break them”.


Space have three kinds: 

  1. The physical space in front of the camera
  2. The space as it appears on a screen
  3. Size and shape of the screen itself

Line and shape

Line is the result of other visual components that allow us to perceive lines, but none of the lines we see is real. Every object has its own lines. You can see lines around yourself. 


Tone is not like tone of the scene (moody, happy, sad, etc.) or to audio tone (bass and treble). Tone is the brightness of objects in relation to gray scale. Its important to use tone as a factor in black and white and color pictures.


Rhythm can also be seen in visuals. You can use rhythm in stationary objects, moving objects and in the editing.


This component is used to attract the eye. Movement occurs using objects,the camera and viewers.


Color is the most powerful visual component. I still misunderstand it sometimes. 

Using visual components while creating pictures is a must. You must practice these basic rules in your daily life. Before I started to use this theory I was worried that it will give some kind of rules that will bring down my creativity but actually it works different. Knowing this basic theory I opened much more creative ways.

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